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SYNERGIMAX presents a range of compelling strengths as a psychometric evaluation tool, making it an excellent choice for several reasons:


With more than 15 years of extensive research, SYNERGIMAX has established itself as a validated and trustworthy assessment. Its consistent results and accurate measurement of traits ensure its reliability as a tool for evaluating individuals with confidence.


SYNERGIMAX sets itself apart with its innovative approach, offering five typologies and 18 functional types. This comprehensive framework provides a deep understanding of individuals' personality traits and functional preferences, enabling nuanced insights into their strengths and areas for improvement.


SYNERGIMAX excels in efficiency through its user-friendly online platform. Results are instantly accessible online, accompanied by comments and validation, enabling immediate access and comprehension. Moreover, the results can be easily shared and downloaded, facilitating further analysis and fostering productive discussions.

Scientific validation

SYNERGIMAX’s psychometric assessment has undergone rigorous scientific validation over an extended period, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of its assessments. This meticulous validation process establishes SYNERGIMAX as a secure and credible option for evaluating individuals’ traits and capabilities.


By considering these factors, organizations and individuals can place their trust in SYNERGIMAX as a psychometric evaluation tool, benefiting from its reliability, innovation, efficiency, and scientifically validated approach.